Monday, May 09, 2016

Mother's Day (and Josh's Baptism)

I had a beautiful Mother's Day. Genna woke me up fairly early, and I looked over and thought I saw Mitch's form curled up under the covers. As I got up and dressed quickly, I thought it was strange that Mitch was sleeping with the pillow over his head. I took a second look and realized he wasn't in the was all just a pile of pillows. I had a little chuckle. I came upstairs to find Mitch and Eden working in the kitchen like two busy bees. The table was set for breakfast, pancakes, bacon, juice and coffee were all in the works. I passed Genna off and went to enjoy a shower. It was glorious!! Eden gave me some of my favorite chocolates. Mitch was a natural leader in the kitchen, getting kids breakfast, directing them to their showers, and cleaning up.

Josh had been asking for some time to be baptized. Last Sunday we heard that there would be a baptism service this Sunday, so after an interview with church leaders he was added to the slate. He was SO excited all week long!

After church, Josh and I enjoyed a special date. He had asked me a couple weeks ago if he could spend his allowance by taking me to Pizza Ranch. I agreed, but said that I would pay for my own dinner, and we had to wait until May. Sunday seemed like the perfect opportunity. We had a great reason to celebrate!

We wanted everyone else to be able to celebrate too, so we decided on making blizzards at home. We bought a few extra special toppings for the occasion. Mitch dubbed them "Baptism Sundaes." Hehe. This is *definitely* the start of a new tradition!

Later Sunday evening after the older kids were at youth group, we decided to go on a walk. Judging by my facebook newsfeed, many of my mom friends got to do the same thing Sunday afternoon. It was such a beautiful day! I'm so glad we could enjoy the warm weather. I loved the time with my camera, too.

We had a unique sunset since the sky was so hazy from wildfires in the northwest.

At bedtime my friend Shannon posted a note on facebook that numbers looked good for aurora, so I went out with my camera a little after dark. I didn't pick anything up, but I did really like something about this picture...the shutter was open for 15 seconds. It was a calm night!

The moon was just a sliver, right on the heels of that giant orange sun.

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  1. Great pictures!!! I'm proud of all of you!!!