Monday, June 20, 2016

Malachi is 9 years old!

We celebrated Malachi's birthday on the 2nd. This summer doesn't seem to be slowing down any and I'm so far behind. One thing at a time!

On the day before Malachi's birthday, he was sort of "jumping" onto a chair that has wheels on the bottom and missed. He cut his foot open and it looked pretty deep. It was early in the morning, and I wasn't even close to ready for the day, so I woke Mitch up and sent him off to the ER with Malachi. A few hours later they returned, Malachi sporting 5 stitches.

He says he is not going to jump on chairs anymore. We shall see. ;)

At age 9, Malachi...

 ~wears size 8 pants and shorts
~just finished 3rd grade
 ~loves playing Minecraft, or
~loves to read graphic novels and some chapter books
 ~is one of the first kids up each morning
~favorite meal of the day is snack time
 ~is still a super-picky eater
~asked for pizza rolls for his birthday dinner, and chocolate cake
 ~still gets noticed for his smile
~still has a tender heart towards his siblings, and is always willing to share his bed with his brothers
~last year said if he could go anywhere in the world to visit, he wanted to go to Cam's house in Canada...that dream will come true in just a couple weeks!
~has a spacer in his mouth and can't wait to get it out next month (he had an abscessed baby molar that we had to pull)

 ~loves to go to his best friend Zach's house
 ~got some snacks for his birthday instead of toys (which caused nearly everyone else to immediately say, "Why didn't I get snacks on my birthday?" So I guess my shopping for birthday presents for the next year just got simpler.)
~got his stitches out last week and said it hurt as much as getting the shots to numb his foot when he got them in (I guess I should put in an updated photo here...)

 We love you Malachi, and are blessed to have you as our son!!

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