Monday, July 18, 2016

19 years old!

The way time passes just never ceases to amaze me. Rather than moving forward through time, I feel like I have stood still, while time flows around and beyond me. It is so strange. And now we are marking the passing of 19 years by celebrating Micah's birthday.

We were on a vacation in Canada and were supposed to be home in time for his birthday, but then our van broke down and we were delayed a couple days. So we finally celebrated his birthday a week later. I should count up how many times over the years that we have not been home to celebrate Micah's birthday. It seems that half the time we are going and doing. :)

Micah graduated high school this year, and moved out "on his own" (sort of...). He is working a full-time job doing PCA work with a young man who is the son of friends of ours. He seems like he is a great fit for the job. Later this year he is planning on taking a few months off and doing some traveling to spend time with extended family that live far away. He has some ideas of what he would like to be, but isn't quite sure.

 Eden snapped a couple pictures, then put down the camera and said, "Dad, don't you ever smile?" This was the result.

 Why don't I have a numeral 9 candle??

I'm nervous about my man-child going out into the world to find himself, but I'm excited at the same time. We are a safe place for him to fall back on. What has he got to lose? I wish we had all the money we need to fund his dreams, but instead he is learning good life lessons of hard work and saving. If you think of him, please pray for Micah this year.

We love you, Micah-man. May the good Lord bless you and keep you, the whole year through!

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