Sunday, July 24, 2016

Fun on the water

We spent a lot of time at the cabin in Canada just playing on the water. The kids splashed around on the shore, learned how to tool around in the kayaks and paddle boat, and played in the sand. Cam's parents (and brother) took us out in turns on the pontoon boat, too. Here are a whole ton of water pictures. They are out of order because they are a collection from all our cell phones and my big Nikon.

We were blessed with such beautiful weather the whole week. At the beginning of the week, the forecast included rain every day. Each day the forecast changed, sometimes hourly. We thought, "Oh, let's get out and play now because it looks like it will rain this afternoon." Then by afternoon, the rain was postponed until sunset, and by sunset the threat had passed. It was so cool. We just enjoyed each moment that came.


Calm and serene...

I took some photos of a sunset and Google photo assistant made me a great HDR image from them.

 {Me and Genna}


 {Emilio, Josh, Zeke, Obi}



 {Zeke with a dragonfly that looked sick...I think it died later.}

 We brought up these inflatable snow tubes and they were great fun on the water. I thought Obi looked like a cheese head here. :)

 The trampoline was a huge hit!
And there were probably some literal hits as kids sometimes fought for turns. 
We almost banned them from the trampoline forever.
But they eventually did pretty good together. 

Zeke and Tirzah were both lucky enough to catch leeches.

I love the look on Tirzah's face as Mitch tells her he's going to grab it and pull it off. I'm sure she's thinking, "Is this like the tick you grabbed and pulled off and it took a hunk of skin with it?"

While we are not really fishermen, the kids did enjoy playing around and throwing some bait in the water. Malachi actually pulled in a walleye! He was too scared to hold it, so Josh did for him.

Cam's brother cleaned and filleted the fish, so the kids got a great lesson. Even Mercy remembered when she saw the picture, "Mom that was when we cut up the fish!" We put the fish in the freezer. No more fish were caught the rest of the week, so we didn't really have enough to eat for a meal. Maybe Cam's brother will fry it for him. ;) 

Waiting for a boat ride...

{Cam and Obi}
{Eden and Tirzah} 
The water is brown because the lakes are fed by rivers. In fact, I can't tell when it is a lake and when it is a river other than it's small at some points and vast at others. I just called it a "lake" most of the week.

Roxy is the family dog, and she's very old.

{Eden and Mercy on a tube}

{Mitch, Genna, Tirzah}


{Me and Genna}

{Cam, Malachi, Josh, and Emilio}

{authentic Canadian geese!!}

There were two places that Cam's family liked to go in the pontoon to swim in the lake. Both places had rocks to jump from. I have a lot of brave people in my family, apparently!

{Eden was able to get up on water skis!}

Ok, that was a whole lot of photos and I'm starting to get confused what I uploaded and what I didn't. There's only a thousand to choose from. :P

Not fun on the water: Mitch tried to water ski for the first time in about 18 years...he tore his hamstring. It was super painful and still has not completely healed. :(  Also, even though we tried to be diligent about sunscreen, at least two of the kids had sunburns.

Not pictured: mosquitoes. They were exceptionally bad this year. When I went out to get sunset pictures, I literally dressed in jeans, sweatshirt, socks, and shoes. We were all eaten alive. I only had one bite swell up really big (baseball-size diameter), but thankfully it did eventually go down.

I'll be back for more later!

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