Thursday, July 28, 2016

Games, Grand Beach, Turtle Tide

I'm going to try to wrap up the rest of our time in Canada in one post. :) Then I'll write about our return-trip drama.

When we weren't playing on the water, we spent down time relaxing. The kids enjoyed playing games or playing on their kindles. I did some reading and knitting. I think there were a few naps thrown in for good measure.


In addition to Canasta, some of the games enjoyed were: Risk, Dominion, To Court the King, Battle Sheep (cute kids game!), and some I'm surely forgetting. Caleb and Eden also watched several of the Harry Potter movies. And I happened to turn on the news one evening just in time to watch the drama unfolding in Dallas, TX when a shooter killed several police officers. :(

{Mercy played for hours like this!}

{Festive for the 4th of July, even though we weren't in the USA}

{Genna loved Roxy's bed}

{There was a lot of food prep, eating, and cleaning up also!}

{Showing our Canada pride}

At the end of the week, we played tourists and visited Grand Beach on Lake Winnipeg. After that we went to the Turtle Tide water park, enjoyed a picnic lunch, and got soaked on the water slides.

Grand Beach is really cool. It has very nice sand and it is shallow for a long way out. The kids loved it.

 This was kind of funny. We took a "short cut" across a park while walking to Grand Beach, and fish flies flew up everywhere. They adhered themselves to Mitch until he was covered. LOL. At least they are harmless!

Turtle Tide turned out to be a fun spot, too. The kids had a blast and no one got hurt (though there were some thrills to be had!). Even I went down a few slides, believe it or not!





Ok, next post is goodbye and the long journey home. :)

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