Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Lower Fort Garry

One day while we were in Canada, we took a trip to Winnipeg. Cam actually lives in the city, but we were staying at the lake for our visit. On the way in, we went to Lower Fort Garry for a visit. Wednesdays are children's days at the fort (was that planned, or did we just happen to go on Wednesday? Knowing Cam's mom, it was probably intentional...). When we arrived, the kids were handed checklists so they could "work" at the fort that day and earn their "salaries." It was a lot of fun.

{Visiting a typical house}

{So cool that they let the kids go down in the cellar!}

{One of the "jobs" at this house was delivering a letter}

{At this house the kids carded wool}

{They also constructed a model fort...basically it was a puzzle.}

{At the campsite the kids fetched wood for the fire.}

{The natives had furs to trade, so the kids really enjoyed learning about different furs. Genna loved cuddling the bison fur.}

{haha Zeke!}

At the bunk house for the enlisted men, this guy was arm wrestling the kids. He was SO hilarious! He and Caleb had a decent match, but my pictures were blurry (argh). Caleb put up a really great fight. :)

Apparently these bunks are the same standard size that the men working on ships still sleep in today. Tiny!!

Relay race!

{Doctor's office}

This was definitely the funniest part of the whole time at Lower Fort Garry, and is one of the best memories too. The kids enlisted in the Canadian forces and entered basic training. They received their uniforms and weapons assignments. They drilled for a long time and loved every minute of it.

The drill instructor informed the kids that they had been recruited to protect Canada from the thieves and marauders that live to the South. When Mitch piped up and said, "They are the Americans!", the instructor stumbled and said, "Oh well, we're desperate and will take whoever we can get." Haha.

When you see Eden, ask her to tell you how she became a ballerina soldier.

After learning to turn on command, they learned to march.

And how to shoot.

At the store the kids beat out the rugs with brooms. There were two levels above the store, and they were filled with furs. It was pretty cool (but it was kind of dark, so I didn't bother taking pictures).

The kids got to play a couple of games, too.

After this, we caught a shuttle back to the visitor center. The kids turned in their time sheets and received their wages (choice from a small prize basket). Lower Fort Garry was a blast and we recommend going on one of the children's days!

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