Wednesday, July 20, 2016

June Updates

I realized when I re-read my last post (about Micah's birthday) that I am really rusty with writing. I guess if you don't use it, you really do lose it. I must make time to write more! I must!

We have had an eventful summer already. We kicked it off with a visit from my mom, Janet, and Joel. That launched us into our list of summer projects, which looked something like this (sorry for the bad picture quality):

I never, ever imagined that we would do everything on the list, and we haven't. But with half the summer gone, we have tackled a good portion of it. I erased the list when we took the board down to paint the walls. I rewrote it this week again so we could prioritize the remaining items. We will tackle what we actually have time and money to do...which I think is probably about 75% of the list. That's not bad!

Apparently I need to be more diligent about taking photos of the finished project...

 {Mercy cuteness}

{Sick baby...Genna has had 2 ear infections with high fevers, but I think we finally kicked it.}

Caleb was in the homeschool production of Brigadoon and I was so proud! He LOVED it. I think he will be seeking more opportunities to be in theatre.

We only have minimal landscaping around our house, but we took some time to give it a dig and some fresh mulch. Also sort of related, Josh wants to earn some spending money, so he started a lawn mowing business. He is off to a slow start, but thanks to generous grandparents, he has earned a little money! He is also supposed to mow for a friend soon.

Mitch is learning how to keep bees with his dad. Mitch has 2 bee yards with 14 hives! His yards are on borrowed farm land. He wants to sell queens. I'm happy to have the honey. :) But I'm even more happy to see Mitch doing a hobby that he loves. He has built hundreds of frames for their hives. He is so happy to talk about bees with anyone who will listen. It's also very interesting and Mitch is a great story-teller. So don't be shy when you see him, ask about the bees.

Micah, Eden, and Caleb all spent a week doing local mission work with their youth group. They stayed in a homeless shelter, served meals, cleaned, and led a sports camp. They also did some street witnessing. They reported that their team was unified for doing gospel work, and that was very encouraging to their faith.

Genna is growing in leaps and bounds. She is still nursing, gets up about the same each night, and is very attached to mommy. I feel like I can't get 2 feet from her without her screaming. And she screams, screeches, etc, VERY loudly. She is bossy! She was afraid of the swing for a long time, but one day I put her in it and she loved it. Of course then she didn't want to get out. So it's trading one problem for another I guess. She doesn't talk much yet, but she is learning some baby signs. She babbles all the time and tries to copy our sounds and inflections. She loves to look at picture books and point to the pictures I call out. She also loves to follow her big sisters around and do everything they do.

Also we got epoxy painted on the floor to Tirzah's room. This room used to be purple. Eden wanted to paint it blue, and she found some cheap paint and did so. Then she moved upstairs and left this room to the little girls. It turns out that Tirzah's favorite color is blue. And we found the epoxy in the "oops paint" section of Menard's...for $5 (normally $100)...and it was blue. Just try to tell me God is not involved in the little details of our lives! Eden and a friend are painting ocean scenery on the walls and it is such a fun room.

Ok, that brings us up to the end of June. July is a whole different story, beginning with a 10-day trip to Canada that was unexpectedly extended to 12 days. ;) I have left out so many details here on how everyone else is doing. But shorter, more frequent blogging sessions is the remedy I think.

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