Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Family Pictures 2016 edition!

Micah warned us a couple months ago that come September, he was leaving. He has changed his direction a few times since then, but the date of departure has only varied by a few days. I finally got serious about trying to find a time to take family pictures before he left, but it seemed to elude us. He was planning to leave today, so my time was pretty much up. Last night we got it done. I didn't take individual shots, but I got the family ones. Here they are, along with some extras!

Zeke was a (grumpy) model for me to test the lighting and background as I moved everyone around the park to find the best spot. Ha! This spot turned out better than I thought.

When we got Micah's cap and gown pictures back from the day of graduation (they were taken by a hired photographer), I was unsatisfied with them. He dutifully posed for some retakes.  

 Now Josh got to be the lighting model...

 And Obi just because he's so darn photogenic.

 Getting a good family shot is so hard for me now. Getting Zeke to smile is even harder! And in the ones where he actually smiled, several other kids were goofing off. Oh well.
One of these will make the final cut to put on our wall. I really need to bring along a friend to help pose us and keep everyone looking at the camera next time! 

 The obligatory silly photos...

When I was growing up, I heard a story about my dad and his older brother. There were a lot of years between them (I don't remember now how many). But when Uncle Fudge got married, my dad was so sad. The story goes (as I remember it...I'm sure someone else can help me get it right) that my dad stood in the middle of road and watched as his best friend drove away. ::cry:: When Obi was born, I knew that the gap in ages between him and Micah was similar. He and Micah were close buddies. He would fall asleep on Micah's shoulder in church every Sunday. Since Micah moved out last November, Obi was already used to him being gone somewhat. But Micah has been staying here for the past month since he got home from Nicaragua. And unlike before when Micah would stop by frequently, Obi won't see him for a long time now. ::cry again::

 First thing Obi did this morning was call Micah, who left in the middle of the night and was already most of the way across North Dakota.

I asked Eden to take pictures of me and Mitch since we haven't done that for the last few years.

 Yes, Genna ate a little sand. Uggggghhhhhhh.

Mitch holding my stuff. He looks so cute!

I begged the kids to take one more photo. 
They are so hard to get organized!
So I was not allowed to be choosy about the background or the location.
Oh well, with some effort, we got it.

 Eden swears she is the same height as Caleb. I wish she would have proved it. It would have been nice to have a "stair step" picture. I'm sure it won't be long before she is the shortest among the oldest 6!

I'm outta here...

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