Friday, December 09, 2016

Thanksgiving, etc.

I didn't forget I have a blog, but it sure feels like I forgot. I have been doing relatively well keep school on schedule through the morning and after lunch. By the time Genna is down for a nap and school is done for the day, the kids are often begging for "screen time" and I am more inclined to give it to them at that point. Unfortunately, that leaves me with no computer time. It does, however, leave me time for other things. I have enjoyed reaching one of my goals for the school year--spending regular time in prayer and quiet time (for journaling) each afternoon. I love using the app PrayerMate (android or itunes) to organize and keep me on track. It has been a sweet time for me.

Every time I open a browser on my computer, where my blog is set as my home page, I am reminded that I haven't blogged since Zeke turned 13. Wow, there is so much that goes on here on a daily basis, and I'm sure I won't remember it later. But I love Thanksgiving, and this year was no less special, so I still wanted to write about it.

Cam planned to come visit us this year for Thanksgiving, so we were busy with preparations for that (including building a temporary lift for his chair!). I also had been quite sick the week before Thanksgiving, so Mitch decided to take a sick day on the Friday of that week. He stayed late at school on Thursday night to make lesson plans. About an hour after getting home Thursday night, the superintendent called off school for Friday ahead of a major snowstorm that was forecast. The snowstorm hit and other schools throughout the area were canceled. The storm took out some electrical systems at Mitch's school, so he ended up not having school on Monday or Tuesday also. It was quite the touch of irony!

Cam and crew arrived on Wednesday evening, and while I held my breath the lift got him inside the house. I was all business on Thursday morning as I worked on a time schedule to get dinner ready by 12:00. I had help where I needed it, and we pulled it off!
 {Signing the tablecloth}

 {Emilio carving the turkey for us}

 {Kayla helped Cam write}

 {Devona also joined us for lunch}

 {I made turtle cheesecake, apple pie, and pumpkin pie for dessert.}

 {AOE party!}

 {Later Thursday evening Mark, Ben, and Anna joined us for games. They played Shadows over Camelot. I had to take Genna to bed, but I heard it was a lively game!}

 {This was on Saturday night. Cam brought Christmas presents for us...they were all so thoughtful!}

 {Mitch invited people over for games on Saturday evening. He "surprised" me with an early birthday celebration.}

 {I hope that's so bright that you can't read the numbers. It says 29. ::wink, wink::}

 {I got them all but one, so I guess the wish (that I didn't make) won't come true. The kids all think I wished for a puppy, because that's really what I want. But I was really thinking I hope I can blow all these candles out in one puff. LOL. It's always awkward to be the center of attention.}

 {Mercy dressed for church.}

 {Before Cam headed home on Sunday, we posed for a group picture. We missed Micah as he left early for the cities.}

 {We continued to have warmer-than-average weather through the end of November, so all our snow pack melted. We are going to make up for that warm weather average in December by having much-colder-than-average weather. Brrrrr.}

{A (heavily edited) birthday photo}

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