Saturday, January 28, 2017

Caleb's Sweet Sixteen

The calendar flipped to a new year and didn't slow down a beat! We have been sick since the beginning of January and I thought I would blog when I felt better. With no end in sight, I am resolved to blog without feeling better.

The first order of business is Caleb's birthday! It seems that he should still be a small fry, but...sigh...that's not how it works. I can't believe he's 16. Really.

 Mrs. E found this perfect cookie for Caleb. 

 Caleb decided on homemade pizzas for his birthday dinner and chocolate cake for dessert.

 Caleb's birthday fell smack dab in the middle of Blizzard--the winter youth retreat our church group has every year--so we celebrated on Monday night when he got home.

Caleb is usually too cool to hang out with us, so we had a little fun with him.

 Ok, so that last statement wasn't fair. He actually likes hanging out with us sometimes. He plays board games and card games with us. Mostly with Mitch because I don't play very often. He likes playing cards with a group of friends too. 

 Caleb has a quiet personality and he often surprises me. I have to "dig" a bit to get to know him.
Caleb taught himself how to play guitar and is on the worship team at church. 

 Last year Caleb participated in a homeschool musical and loved it. He would definitely like to do some more theatre.

Some more about Caleb:
~He is in 10th grade. He prefers to work on his own and rarely asks me for help. He has excellent grades on any tests that I give him, and he writes very well too. I have complained about his penmanship when it comes to writing numbers a few times.
~He completed driver's ed and earned his learner's permit last year. He did not permit me to take a picture of him driving for the first time. Or the second. He's actually a bit nervous about driving. We haven't done any driving in the winter months so far. I completely forget that he needs to drive. I just hop in the car and go.
~He loves to play Minecraft.
~He plans to enter PSEO classes next semester. We are going to try for St. Cloud State University rather than the technical college where Micah and Eden went. I think my main reason for this is I hope to get him more on track for a 4-year degree. He doesn't know what he wants to do yet, but I have a feeling he will need the opportunity for higher level math courses.
~He does some babysitting for income, but now that he's 16 Eden is encouraging him to apply at Chick-fil-A where she works.
~He is still the baby whisperer. I don't have a recent picture, but he can put Genna to sleep if needed. Last week he watched her for a few hours and even changed a poopy diaper. I thought the world was going to stop spinning. He said, "Well, of course I know how to change a diaper." I pointed out that knowing how and being able to do it are much different. I don't feel so bad sending him out in the world now.
~He bought a DS with his babysitting money and pokemon is his favorite game. He and Eden helped us come up with the name Eevee for the dog.
~So between school, youth group, hobbies, and babysitting, Caleb is a fairly busy guy. He helps me whenever I ask. He is quiet and rarely complains, even when he's sick. He is my go-to person if I need a babysitter while I run an errand. I'm thankful for the way he shows responsibility and the way he cares for his sisters.

Caleb, I'm so excited about the year ahead of you! It is filled with big things. Do big things for God, buddy.

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