Saturday, January 28, 2017

One month with Eevee

Eevee (as we finally decided to call her) has been with us for one month now, and we are so blessed! Taking Eevee on a walk is one of my favorite things to do. I feel so proud to have such a beautiful girl walking beside me. But I encourage Zeke to walk her as much as possible, since this is a great way to build a relationship.

Keep reading for more pictures from the past month!

Eden loves Eevee and has taught her some tricks. Eevee loves to jump on Eden's bed or on Caleb's bed whenever they open their doors. In the morning when I first get up, I take Eevee out to potty. If I have time, I will go on a short walk also. Then I bring her upstairs for breakfast. She will often run to Eden's door and wait outside it for Eden to wake up. Sometimes she will run back downstairs. If I open the downstairs door for her, she will jump in Zeke's bed first and lick his face to wake him up. Then she moves on to Obi. My theory is she's herding her "sheep."

Zeke was sick with a fever for about 5 days this month. During that time he really couldn't do much more than rest and sleep. I took over the care of Eevee and took her on walks. Coincidentally, it was the coldest week of January (temps well below 0 F every morning). Well, I don't believe in coincidences. I think God was training me. He supplied me with grace and patience and my own health during that time. I joked (though it's probably true) that I've been outside more this winter than I ever have in Minnesota. Eevee bonded really well to me during that time, and that made Zeke a bit jealous. So I can see what kind of work God is doing in Zeke, too.

Eevee is very gentle and patient with Genna, but she does have her limits. We are trying to watch Genna closely and teach her what she may and may not do. We have some future training to do with both of them.

Eevee is highly treat motivated, so I'm trying my hand at making homemade dog treats or researching foods that are good for dogs to have. That has been fun. One night Eevee was playing alone while everyone else was playing a card game, and I had already gone to bed with the smaller children. Eevee had a bone she was chewing on, in the entryway where all our shoes are, and shes just kept chewing...until she had chewed up one of my Keen shoes, part of Malachi's shoe, a glove, and something else I'm sure I'm forgetting. I felt horrible about it. Of course I'm sad about my shoe (which is destroyed, Malachi's is still wearable), but I sort of deserve it--I told the kids repeatedly to put their shoes on the shelf so the dog would not get them. Then I didn't follow my own rule. Anyway, we put up a baby gate to help keep her where we can keep a closer eye on her.

We scheduled Eevee for a spay surgery right away. I was a total first time puppy mom and worried about every little thing. I read the papers the vet sent home over and over again. I texted my friend Kelly and searched google for answers to questions. Is she too sleepy? What if I can't get her up? She's not eating or drinking. She hasn't peed yet, and let's not even talk about poop. Oh my. It all passed in normal time, thank goodness.

I got her to drink from a sippy cup that had the no-spill spout removed. This was adorable. We also got her to eat from our hand.

 Eevee wouldn't stop licking her incision. I tried a couple different tricks, but finally just purchased an e-collar. I think she got used to the "cone of shame" before the kids did. I kept telling them not to feel bad about the cone and she wouldn't either. But they were a hard case to convince.

 Eevee waited by the baby gate for a long time last night after the big kids left for a church event. I don't like this gate, but it was easy to grab when we needed something fast. We will put up our wall-mounted gate sometime this spring I think.

I'm happy to report that almost 2 weeks post surgery, Eevee has recovered and is her happy, energetic self. She and Zeke are back to walking together, and he is happy that she is bonding to him again. There is so much to learn as dog owners, and we are making baby steps. I LOVE IT!!! I am so thankful that we get to do this.

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