Sunday, February 12, 2017

Genesis Grace is 2 years old!

We celebrated Genna's birthday a week ago. It's so fun to have a 2 year old. Genna is full of personality, and I've got pictures to show a little of it.

On Genna's birthday, Mrs. E brought over a cookie for Genna. Genna enjoyed eating the frosting by the handfuls. LOL.

Genna comes running anytime I'm making something with the mixer, in hopes that I will let her lick the batter. Today is her day!

 I think she was just barely able to blow the candles out.

Pretty girls dressed up for church!  

{Nutella poster child}

At 2 years old, Genna
~weighs 26 lbs 11 oz and is 33.7 in long. She is in the 50% for both.
~wears a size 2T in clothes and I think a size 6 shoe. She has an extra large belly still, so I am limited somewhat in the types of shirts she can wear. (When I was 28 weeks pregnant with her, an ultrasound showed her abdomen measured nearly 3 weeks ahead of her femur. I have some newborn pictures I don't think I've ever shared before where her tummy looks crazy huge. The doctor doesn't think anything is wrong. She is just shaped differently than my other kids!)
~recently had an explosion of vocabulary. It was like she went from saying just a handful of words, to repeating dozens. She is stringing words together to make phrases and even sentences sometimes. And she's adding words on to phrases that she said previously, so her speech is becoming more complex. She knows some songs that I play frequently (especially at bedtime) and she often sings along. 
~has 3 of her 4 two-year molars in.
~loves to eat fruits and vegetables. She would much rather eat Daddy's salad than anything. One time Mitch came home from work late. He was eating a salad while the kids had dessert. Genna happily held her dessert in one hand, and ate from Daddy's salad with the other hand. She doesn't usually eat meats. Besides salad, spaghetti is probably her favorite meal (meatless, of course), but she also loves eggs.
~sleeps much better at night now, and can even sleep through the night. She always sleeps in our bed. Sometimes she does wake up. Last night was an unusual night where she was awake from about 3:30 am to 5:30 am. She jabbered quietly and kicked me. I can remember that it was only a few months ago when this was a common occurrence. I'm glad those days are past! She usually goes to bed around 9, but often doesn't fall asleep until 10, and wakes up at 7. This morning she slept in because she had been awake in the middle of the night.
~sometimes skips nap. Like currently she is skipping nap. We got home from church late. Now it is 2:45 pm. We could talk all day about what should have happened. But if I put her to sleep now, she will definitely sleep too late, and then stay up too late. I'll see if we can make it through without a nap. Oh...update...she slid down into a supine position on the couch and it looks like her eyes are closing.
~is showing interest in potty training. I set her on the potty any time she asks. She has gone a couple times, but usually she asks after she has already gone. ;) Unless she shows more signs of readiness, I will wait until summer if we can. But I don't want to miss a window of opportunity, either.
~loves Burger King apparently. I said that she doesn't usually eat meats, but we took a rare trip to Burger King this past week. She ate 6 chicken nuggets, tons of fries, and a piece of Obi's personal pan pizza (from Pizza Hut, not to confuse you). We thought her tummy was going to explode. Ha!

Happy Birthday, Genna Grace! I hope that being 2 is nothing but terrific!!

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