Thursday, March 23, 2017

Mercy's 4th birthday

I'm not sure why, but I felt a particular excitement for Mercy to turn 4 years old. Maybe it was because I know that she's old enough to understand what a birthday is and look forward to it. It's her last year as a preschooler!

{Licking the cake batter}

{She didn't want to share with Genna, but Mommy knows what's best!}

{Mrs. E brought Mercy a yummy cookie that had real rings on it. Eevee thought Devona came to visit her.}

{Mercy wanted a chocolate cake. Eden decorated it.}

At 4 years old, Mercy
~loves to dress up, especially as a princess or a fairy
~wears size 3T pants still, but they're getting short
~weighs 33 lbs
~wears size 9 shoes

~says she loves spaghetti, but I'm not sure. She was eating it a ton recently, then hasn't touched it the last 3 times I've made her some, including on her birthday
~ate 3 servings of ravioli last night

~is very organized. She loves to put things "in order," often laying out toys in neat little rows
~loves imaginative play--Fisher Price Little People are among her favorite toys (I wish I could insert a picture here), also her kitchen set she got for Christmas

~is only partially potty trained. I share this here for reference, not to embarrass her future self. :) She can stay dry through the night many nights, but not always. She often is engrossed in play and doesn't want to stop to go to the bathroom. I know that she has all the ability to stay dry, she just hasn't put it all together yet.

~loves a lot of fruits--apples, oranges, bananas, strawberries, but not as many vegetables. She definitely prefers fresh veggies to cooked ones. She is more picky when it comes to meats.

~was sleeping with Tirzah for a long time, but has recently been asking to sleep in our room. Unfortunately for Mitch, I acquiesced. We bought a potty training alarm on Amazon and have been passing it around to the older boys who need help. When the current boy who is taking a turn has it mastered, I want to try with Mercy. So I suppose if she's still sleeping in our room, it will be easier for me to help her. ;) I think that she and Genna will end up in Tirzah's room soon. I'm just waiting for everyone to get a little older. It's not fair for Tirzah to get woken up in the middle of the night by little girls.

~loved her birthday

{We had our friends, the Chilsons, over for cake and ice cream}

~asked for a Hello Kitty rainbow dress for her birthday (because Genna got a nightgown for Christmas that pretty much fit the description exactly). I didn't find a dress, but I did find this cute shirt with a fluffy skirt. It was Genna's turn to be jealous...screaming and tears followed.

{I also found this super twirly dress for her at the thrift store. Isn't it perfect???}

Mercy is learning in leaps and bounds too. Her vocabulary increases every day, and Genna copies her. She also loves to draw and make up stories about her drawings.

We love you, Mercy, and we hope that being 4 is amazing!

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