Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Obadiah just turned 6!

I miss my blogging days, but at least these birthdays rolling through are keeping me a little bit accountable. ;)  This time our Obi Wan Kenobi took a turn in the birthday seat.

At 6 years old, Obi
~is in Kindergarten
~is doing well with reading and math. He is working on copying letters (but he sometimes forgets correct formation) and has just started spelling (he is doing really well with this...will do better when he gets writing down)
~about 44 lbs
~about 47 inches tall
~wears a size 6 pants (if only I had them out...all his size 5's are high-waters!) and a size 13 (almost a 1) shoe
~hopes to learn how to ride a bike this summer
~loves legos
~worked hard on a personal goal and earned his very own Minecraft account

 {With birthday buddy Mrs. E}

 {yes, he knows Star Wars!}

 {requested cheesecake for his birthday}
One day he was bringing a box of "Philadelphia" (as Patrick always called it) up the stairs from our downstairs fridge. On the box was a picture of a cheesecake with strawberries on top. He asked me if I could make that kind of cake for his birthday, and I assured him I could and I would.

 {Makes some funny faces}

 ~Said he didn't like not being sung to...he would rather do the singing. I agree, buddy!

 ~asked to also try cherries with the cheesecake...yumm...this was always my favorite cheesecake when I was growing up, until I met the turtle cheesecake.
~didn't like the cheesecake either with strawberries, or with cherries, or by itself...lol...in fact, no one except me and Zeke did. Zeke and I finished off all that was left! (I won't tell you how much that was.)
~likes many foods, but decided on chicken sandwiches for supper on his birthday

 {Obi, A*, Malachi}
~knew that his cousin and Aunt Carrie would be visiting us soon after his birthday, and we looked forward to that for months. It was so fun for him to meet his cousin for the first time! 
~Since Obi didn't like his cake, and Aunt Carrie's birthday was within a few days of his, I made them both some cupcakes and we had a second celebration

{Reading with Cam, who came to visit right after Aunt Carrie, for Easter}

{Riding behind Dad}

We love you, Obadiah Benjamin! 

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