Wednesday, May 03, 2017

8 is Great!!

Tirzah is 8, and eight is great!

At 8 years old, Tirzah
~is tall and skinny, wearing size 8 pants with the cinches pulled tight in the waist
~wears a size 1 shoe
~asked for her own Minecraft account for her birthday so she can play on the SKrafty homeschool server too
~finally has long enough hair for a single braid down the middle of her head
~loves the color blue
~favorite food is watermelon
~asked for fish sticks for dinner on her birthday, but when I went shopping Sam's Club was all out, so we had to have it a day later
~asked for carrot cake again for her cake, with a large carrot picture on top again
~favorite subject in school is math. "Math is the only one that makes sense to me!" she said. LOL

~just finished All About Reading level 3. She's really good at all her subjects!
~says Cam is her BBF. When I corrected her and said BFF, she said, "No, BBF. Best Buddy Forever." So Sweet. How did I not get a picture of just the two of them at Easter?!? If I did, I can't find it now.
~still can't sit still. She is full of energy, a wiggly, talkative girl!
~has a sassy streak. This is a hard one for me. Sometimes she is downright rude with her sassiness. It can be difficult when I want her to be serious and she is determined to sass, or when I give her a command and she sasses me in return. It's hard to stop and apply the right measure of correction. Sometimes it can catch me off guard and I almost can't stop myself from laughing at her. I don't love the sass. But I do love her bubbly strong personality. I hope that we can teach her when and how to use her strength, and I pray that she will lean on Jesus to help her learn to respect authorities and honor her father and mother. ;)

We love you Tirzah Joy! It still brings me tears of joy when I think about how blessed I am to have another little girl. Whether you think you are or not, you will always be my baby girl, sass and all!

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