Friday, June 09, 2017

Whoo! Malachi is 10!

Last week we celebrated Chi guy's 10th birthday! It's hard to believe he is TEN years old. That's so big! On the other hand, Malachi can do so many things now, that it feels good to finally be able to say he is 10 years old.

{All that remained of his cookie Mrs. E brought over...I failed to get a picture before he enjoyed it.}

Malachi's birthday fell on the first Friday of June this year, which is National Donut Day. We also got a dozen donuts to share. And we figured out when the next time his birthday will be on National Donut Day again, since this is the first time it's ever been on his will be when he's 16. I think it's so appropriate, since he is my boy who loves sweets the most.

 Malachi asked for a funfetti cake for his birthday, with chocolate frosting. Funfetti is a vanilla cake mix with sprinkles mixed in. When I went to the cabinet to get sprinkles for the top of the frosting, I found that I was out...except for some specialty colors. The stuff I chose to use ended up looking like little metal shavings. Everyone asked what I had sprinkled on his cake. So I guess that turned out to be fun (for a 10 year old boy) after all. :) Malachi chose Little Cesar's pizza for supper.
 Genna wanted to be as close to Malachi (and thus, as close to the cake) as possible. Hehe.

 Ok, so yeah I was a little worried he would drop the cake.

Zach is Malachi's best friend, and he conveniently lives one street over. They ride their bikes back and forth between houses often. I think Malachi wanted a picture with just Zach, but...siblings will do what siblings will do!

At 10 years old, Malachi
~is on the verge of a growth spurt, I expect
~wears size 10 pants
~wears size 4 shoes
~is a super picky eater, eating no fruits or veggies that I know of (except what might be cooked into a food that he actually likes). He likes pizza, lasagna, pizza hotdish, fish sticks, mac n cheese, grilled cheese, chili, and tacos. Some of these we eat every week (mac n cheese), some we eat a couple times a month (pizza, tacos), and some we eat less than once a month (fish sticks...gross!). I don't know what he manages to eat the rest of the month. I do talk to him often about eating healthy and why he needs to make good choices with his food. And I pray for him regularly that he will overcome fears and try different foods.
~is one of the first kids up each morning. He loves to take Eevee out to go potty right away in the morning.
~is my breakfast helper now (makes sense, doesn't it?), but he really dislikes washing dishes.
~is finishing up 4th grade
~learned how to do long division [like a boss!] this year
~has a gentle, sweet spirit

We love you Malachi! We thank God for the gift of parenting you.

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