Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Day 6 of trip, Day 2 of VBS Kids Camp in Ukraine

The team had another great day in Ukraine!

I'm having some technical difficulties on my end with photos, but I'll start writing and in the meantime I'm hoping that everything I need will finish uploading. Maybe I already used my daily allowance of WiFi data? LOL It's finally working. Can I get a "Hallelujah"?

Today I talked with Mitch a few times. He had a lot of trouble sleeping last night, so he was awake when we were going to bed (4 a.m. his time). I did send some unisom with him, so if he doesn't sleep well tonight (or right now, actually), I hope that tomorrow night he will take it. It was sweet though because he got to say good night to the kids. We had a little fun with the Facebook Messenger app.

 {Genna hammed it up. When you open your mouth, a little carrot is thrown in.}

{Tirzah was too shy}

This is Micah's 20th birthday, so when I was talking to Mitch last night, it was already Micah's birthday there. Two years ago he celebrated his 18th birthday in Ukraine. It was very special. So when everyone got up they filmed another birthday message for Micah.

 {Heather killing it on clean up!}

{Mitch says Victoria loves the Ukranian oatmeal.}

The VBS camp went very well. More children came. In the past, they have said that only 150 children can come, because that is how many they buy supplies for. This year they decided to let anyone come who wants to, but they may run out of shirts and caps. They decided this so at least the children can all hear the Gospel! There were 160 children there today.

{The Farmer Game...in slow motion}

Mitch gave his testimony during the camp's closing session. Victoria and Heather both got pictures for me--yay! Since Heather sent me her pictures this morning, I didn't have any trouble then with the upload.

{Mitch speaking, Oksana translating}

Mitch said, "I was nervous and I messed up what I was wanting to say. I forgot to say half of it, and it didn't come out quite right." Oksana said that she thought he did OK and that it was good that his speech was short, because they had gone a little long already. It was really hot today and even though they remembered sunscreen, Victoria pulled her hair up mid-way through the morning, and exposed her neck that did not have sunscreen on it. She got a little burned, but said it wasn't too bad. 

We did a video chat after VBS today, and I got to "meet" AJ and Oksana (the translators, who have known Mitch for 9 years now). I got to talk with Pastor Grigorii and Zhenya and thank them for taking such good care of Mitch. I also got to see Victoria and chat with her some!

I talked with AJ first and he said, "Everything is going very well so far. Everything goes as planned. The team is spreading the Gospel, working with children, and having fun. Keep praying for us."

I talked with Oksana, and when I asked her if she has any prayer requests, she said, "Too many to list." Then she added that we could also pray for her health.

Mitch took me on a little tour of the Pastor's home. Zhenya has so many beautiful plants growing. She grows many good things to eat in their hot house. The church is right next to their house, too. I think you would be surprised to see it. Mitch is going to make me a video. :)

Tonight our team made supper for the family there. We call it "the American meal" and traditionally our team has tried to plan something very American. This year they brought over Velveeta cheese and Bisquick--that's pretty American! They made homemade macaroni and cheese with the Velveeta. They purchased hot dogs there, and used bisquick and corn meal to make homemade corn dogs. Heather used a recipe she found on Pinterest, and they made 32 of them. Mitch said they turned out beautiful. But I didn't hear how they tasted.  ^^ The worst of it is I didn't get a picture, either. ::groan::

Victoria sent me a time-lapse of them making the meal. 

Praise God for another great day of VBS and so many children coming! Heather is still feeling good. Mitch reports that his foot felt better today, also.

Prayer requests:

  • For good weather tomorrow. 
  • For the children to have tender hearts to hear the Gospel.
  • For Heather as she shares her testimony (Pray for these things now, because this will happen while we are sleeping). 
  • For the Men's and Women's night tomorrow (Wednesday afternoon our time)--this is an outreach event for church members to invite their friends and neighbors. They will each receive a small gift from our church family. Heather and Victoria will be with the women's group and Mitch will of course be with the men's group. Pray for the people who come, who may not normally attend church, to have softened hearts and an interest in hearing the Gospel. Pray that they will be interested in ongoing discipleship.
  • For the health of Zhenya, Oxana, and AJ

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