Sunday, July 09, 2017

The 1st Sunday in Ukraine

I got a lot of pictures and a video today!

{Nightly devotions with Pastor Grigorii}

I know this is a precious time for the team. One of my favorite things about being on a short-term missions trip is the focused time for devotions and time in the Word. While I have a personal time each day where I read the Bible and pray, it is special to be in a small group--sometimes of people that I don't know very well--and to share together. I hope these are times of renewal and refreshment for the team, that they are fruitful and unifying. Our team members are taking turns leading each night. 

{The Horol Church}

Mitch said that church this morning went well, though before hand he was horribly nervous. He stood up to read a letter from our church to the Horol church, and his voice was confident and steady. So that was a relief to him. Later he got up again to preach. He said, "I spoke from Romans 12, about unity in Christ, achieved through grace, for the encouragement of the church." He was concerned that he would speak too quickly or that he would mumble, and that would make it more difficult for AJ to translate for him. He talked through his sermon before hand with AJ to make sure it would translate ok.

{Victoria sent me this picture, and I'm so thankful!}

Mitch told me that overall it went well and he was able to speak carefully and AJ did fine translating. But AJ was not feeling well, and he had to go home to rest after church. Please pray for his health as he returns tomorrow for VBS.

After church, the volunteers met to make final preparations for VBS.

They went to the college where the VBS is held and set up everything.
 {Pastor Grigorii and the tech crew setting up the sound system for the VBS assembly}

 {The VBS theme back-drop}

{The first set of water needed to hydrate the kids after camp}

{Oksana with the shirts and hats for campers...Mitch says there are at least 4 "Oksanas" there, so that might be a bit confusing for us.}

 {Mitch said, "Another wonderful meal with the family.}

{"Zhenya brought out ice cream topped with chocolate and toppings like bananas and sunflower seeds."}

Mitch also said that if there is one or two pieces of anything left over after a meal, it is always placed in front of him to finish. LOL. He will need to catch up on exercise when he comes home!

There may be more to share, but when I got to talk to Mitch today it was while the kids were super crazy, so I couldn't take notes and part of the time I couldn't hear well. While we chatted, the girls were working with Oksana on last minute details of the script.

Finally, I will close with this video message from the Horol church to our church this morning. I think it best tells their praises and prayer requests, but please remember to pray for AJ and Zhenya as well. AJ is the person who speaks second (right after Mitch), and Zhenya says "I love you very much" before Pastor Grigorii is the last person to speak.

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