Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Last Day in Horol

Today was a sweet time of celebrating and goodbyes. Victoria and Mitch sent me pictures. I have so many, that there's no way I can share them all!

First off, I have the video message they filmed yesterday...

{Handsome, even in Zhenya's apron!}

Sunday morning service

Handing out gifts after church

Heart-wrenching goodbyes

Their last meal at Zhenya and Grigorii's

Church picnic
 Pastor Grigorii built a fire, then transferred the hot coals to the grill.

 The shish kabobs on the grill...Mitch said they were SOOOOO delicious!

 Heather and Oksana became known as Lucy and Ethel from "I Love Lucy"
 I think it definitely fits!

Since they had to leave at 1 a.m., many people gathered at the church to spend the rest of the evening together. Mitch called me at just before 5 pm my time, about 10 minutes before they had to leave, and the last of the friends were finally saying good bye.
 These are just a few of the many pictures Mitch sent. They look like they are having such a fun night! They are playing a version of "telephone" where they alternate Ukranian-English speakers. You can imagine that the phrases or sentences get distorted even more than usual. They also played a game called "Psychiatrist." One person would be the psychiatrist, and would leave the room. Then the group would decide on what their "problem" was, and the psychiatrist would come back in, ask questions, and try to make a diagnosis. For example, when Bogdan was the psychiatrist, everyone in the group pretended to be his mother. Another time, every person "thought" they were the person two places to the left.

I'm editing this post to include a video that is funny. I'm sure it is even funnier for the people who were there. I can't understand a word of it. Mitch seems to be belly-laughing even when he might not understand all the words that are being spoken. Sometimes "funny" just transcends language barriers. I love the people of God!!

I didn't get to talk to Mitch much at all today, so I don't really have many details to share. They should be arriving at the airport now. Heather and Victoria will be back in Minneapolis around 11 a.m. tomorrow. Mitch will arrive in Frankfurt around 1 p.m. Germany time, which is 6 a.m. our time. I got so used to adding/subtracting 8 hours for figuring out the time zones, that I think it will be an adjustment to get used to 7 hours. :)

Please pray for all of the team as they travel. Thank you!

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