Saturday, April 07, 2018

And Now Obadiah is 7

My sweetest little hugger has turned 7!

{He didn't get to see his birthday buddy, Mrs. E, on his birthday, but she left a present hanging for him on the doorknob...he had some for breakfast!}

At 7 years old, Obi
~is in 1st grade
~wears size 7 clothes and size 1.5 shoes (I guess I'd better start shopping for size 2's now).
~enjoys Lego battles with Zeke
~loves to read, especially to his dad at bedtime (Pete the Cat is one favorite)
~loves to email or write letters to family
~loves going to camp with Dad

~decided on pizza for his birthday
~picked out funfetti cake (and peeps) when he and his dad went shopping

 {Photo bombers}

~loves to dress up for church. His current favorite suit is a size 6, so when I found a size 7 on clearance I knew it would be a good birthday gift. He was so excited, he wanted to wear it to play in on Friday after his birthday. Haha.

~loves to greet people with a hug
~learned how to ride a bike last summer. It took him about 5 seconds. Pretty much I took the training wheels off, and he got on and rode like it was nothing new.
~has quite a temper but is getting better at controlling it as he gets older.

I just know that this year is going to be a blast for you, Obi. I can't wait to enjoy it with you!

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