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Selah's 3rd Month

As I looked back through pictures this month, I am amazed at how Selah has grown and changed! We have been so blessed.

Selah weighs just over 14 lbs, and I can't remember how long she was when we measured her. This month she got even better at holding her head up. She smiles and laughs. She copies our other facial expressions too. She is happy and contented most of the time. She takes good naps and sleeps well at night. She usually takes one long nap during the morning and later in the day, and shorter naps the rest of the time. At night she sometimes sleeps for at least a 5-hour stretch. She cosleeps with me, so sometimes she wakes up if I move away from her or need to get up with one of the other girls. She is as sweet as honey! Here are some more pictures from the past month:

I am cherishing these moments and trying not to feel guilty for doing nothing else.

 Josh has such a great attitude about taking her when she's fussy. She also loves her Daddy and the rest of her siblings.

 Cow diaper!! LOL, I got this one in honor of cow appreciation day. 

 It seems like she grew two inches overnight! The next day I got out her 3-6 month clothes.

 Selah has taken a noticeable interest in my phone, so I have been consciously putting it away when she is with me.

 Those eyes!

I'm not sure what I was attempting to capture in this picture. Her cute outfit? Was she smiling and I just missed it? Her size? She is a doll!

Speaking of doll...Genna got very sick last week. I thought she only had croup, but when I took her to the doctor I found out she had pneumonia. The doctor admitted her to the hospital overnight for antibiotics and fluids. She turned around quickly! Selah and I stayed with Genna in the hospital. Several people thought she was a doll at first, and even I did when I was scrolling through pictures on my phone and saw this one:

(Genna turned around quickly and is doing much better. She loved all the attention she received in the small hospital. She especially loved ordering food from the cafeteria. We were so well taken care of!)

I was so busy with Genna that I didn't realize what day it was, so I didn't get a single picture of Selah actually on her month birthday. But we are close enough! 


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